Sheriff honors good Samaritans for stopping crimes - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sheriff honors good Samaritans for stopping crimes

Sheriff Leon Lott honors good Samaritans Sheriff Leon Lott honors good Samaritans

Each of the people Sheriff Leon Lott honored Thursday stepped in to help when others would have stayed out.


A 62-year-old woman was robbed at Kroger last month and thanks to some strangers, deputies arrested the suspect.


And as one woman and her kids counted out their candy on Halloween, she stopped a man accused of trying to rape a 10-year-old girl.


"This man had her pinned down, face down in the dirt and she was just screaming for help, asking me to help her and I did the first thing I could do and that was a kick to the face,” said Mujahdinnah Khaliq. 


“It was a really swift hard kick to the face and I did what I had to do to help her and I had to rough him up a little bit."


"To jump in and physically fight someone, that speaks volumes of her,” said Lott.  “She can be our defensive tactics instructor in a heartbeat."


Khaliq said she doesn't’have a background in martial arts.


“Just kick boxing at tthe gym” she said.  “Having 8 bbrothers preparedme for anything."


Khaliq was one of sseveral GoodSamaritans Lott honored Thursday at the Sheriff’s Department Headquarters.


A man who caught a burglar and held him in his home until deputies arrived and six others who stepped into stop an alleged purse snatcher at a Kroger were honored as well.


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