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Columbia's infamous 'Busted Plug' will be moved

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It was inspired by an artist who watched a fire hydrant in his yard get hit, tilt over, and shoot water into the street.

"It's supposed to be funny, goofy-looking, kind of zany," said artist Blue Sky.

Blue Sky created Columbia's most well-known piece of art -- a 575,000 pound silver fire hydrant called "Busted Plug". He finished it more than 11 years ago.

"They would place it in a highly-populated area where there are a lot of cars driving by," said Blue Sky. "That would be good."

Now that's a possibility because the art that may be described as moving is doing just that.

"The goal is to have more visibility, for a lot of people to enjoy the actual structure," said Columbia City Councilman Moe Baddourah.

When Baddourah first heard AgFirst Bank, who owns the art was moving, he asked if the city could take it over. They agreed, and soon the world's largest fire hydrant will be property of the city of Columbia.

Baddourah says he's been working with Blue Sky. Two ideas they've come up with include moving it to the Convention Center to tie in with the 9/11 memorial and firefighting theme or move it Finlay Park.

They agree it needs prominence, and they want it be fully-functional and interactive as was originally planned.

"The cars could drive under, It'd be like an arc of water they could drive under," said Blue Sky. "That would be ideal."

Making vision into reality won't be the first time Blue Sky has done it, and it seems it will not be the last.

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