Lexington Co. deputies hold seminar on business protection

Lexington Co. deputies hold seminar on business protection

What do you do if your are victim of a robbery? It's an experience business owners often fear, especially around the holidays.

Deputies in Lexington County are teaching businesses a few tools to stay safe before and after a robbery happens.

Sarabjeed Malhi knows all too well about being robbed at gunpoint. His convenience store in Lexington County's Red Bank shopping district has been hit twice in two years.

"Sometimes it still comes back in a flashback," said Malhi.

Now he wants to be better prepared just in case, so he's fighting back with knowledge.

Malhi and a few others took the sheriff's Crime Prevention Class at Life Springs Church. Deputy Darren Wiseman and Sgt. Diane Pavel say every business should plan for a robbery.

First, deputies say have a code word only employees know to say, and each person should be assigned a safety role. You should also decide who calls 911, activates the alarm, and lock the doors.

If a robbery is going down, deputies say don't resist, and hand over what's being demanded. Only fight back if they try to take you with them. Be a good witness, and have each employee write down their description of the suspect.

It's those actions, deputies say, that can keep employees safe and help them make an arrest.

"It's brought things to the forefront of your mind you really need to be thinking about," said Malhi. "I got my lesson."

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