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Formerly abused dog calls town hall home

Buddy lives at the Wagener Town Hall Buddy lives at the Wagener Town Hall

It's a place you might drop in to visit.

But to Buddy, Wagener's Town Hall is home.

"He's just the friendliest dog you ever did see," said Wagener resident Mike Snodgrass. 

And a lot of people have seen him.

WIS first introduced the Midlands and the Internet to Buddy a year and a half ago. Buddy was found tethered to a post by phone cords and shoelaces.

Snodgrass saved him and named him the Town Dog.  The story spread.

"Last year he was invited to WOOFstock," said Mayor Michael Miller. 

And that was just the beginning.

"Australia, Great Britain, Germany and of course all over the US. He got treats in the mail, bags of dog food in the mail and I didn't get anything," said Miller with a laugh.

But Buddy hasn't just been retrieving. He's also been giving.

The Mayor said his story inspired a citywide spay and neuter program via an organization called FOTAS. About 150 animals have been fixed thanks to Buddy, potentially preventing thousands of strays and euthanasia deaths.

And Buddy has a new friend.

"We were talking about a police dog and he said we can train Buddy as a police dog," said Miller.

Because of his past, they opted for Zantos, The two met Thursday.

And so it seems on these streets, when a town goes to the dogs, it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If you want to see Buddy in person, he will be at the town Christmas parade Saturday at 11 o'clock. He will be leading the parade. The politicians and everyone else will be walking behind him.

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