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Man accused of stealing and burning items from drowned child


Bobby Milam, one of two people accused of ransacking the home of a toddler who drowned in September, was in court Wednesday.

Milam and a woman, Jessica Williams, are charged with stealing items, including the baby's Bible, then burning the items behind their home.  All of this was done, according to investigators, while the grieving family was away attending the funeral and visitation service for one year old Parker Munn.

Munn accidentally drowned in an ornamental pond in the front yard of a neighbor's home on September 11.  According to Munn's mother, Jessica Kepley, Bobby Milam was actually performed CPR on the toddler before emergency crews arrived.

Today Kepley told WBTV she couldn't understand how Parker could do CPR on her child one day, then several days later steal and burn the baby's belongings.  Among the items taken; 20 pairs of shoes, a big screen TV, and from the toddler's room, an angel ornament and a wicker basket containing a Bible and a baby book.

Milam was in Probable Cause court today before Judge Kevin Eddinger.  Milam waived his Probable Cause, and the case was bound over for trial in court.

Many members of Parker Munn's family were in the courtroom, and they were very disappointed that the case was not resolved today.  One family member told WBTV they had expected that Milam might enter a guilty plea.

"I just wish he would have pled guilty I don't know why he wants to string this out," Kepley told WBTV.  "I figured they would be smart and I don't want them to get off easy."

Milam's girlfriend, Jessica Williams, was not in court today.  Her case was continued.

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