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Sheriff: Husband, late wife had history of domestic disputes


It's a tragic story, a man charged with murder after investigators say his wife's body was found in the Broad River.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said deputies arrested 42-year-old Allen Lee Koon of Prosperity after the body was identified as his wife, Cindy.

Now officials are saying the couple had a history of domestic disputes.

There are reports that the couple would contact deputies because he took her cell phone, or he was making harassing calls or she was using his computer passwords without permission. One time, one of their children even called 9-1-1 to report their parents.

On Friday, boaters found Cindy's body along the Broad River, buried under some brush.

"Once we began to work the crime scene it was obvious the lady had met her death by a violent situation," said Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster.

Foster says Cindy was beaten, strangled and cut with a fatal knife wound to her jugular vein.

"We were able to identify her using forensic processing, fingerprints," said Foster.

While investigators were analyzing fingerprints, Allen Koon called to report her missing. He was arrested for her murder soon after.

Sheriff Foster says deputies had been called to the Prosperity home 24 times in the last three years.

"Any time you have that many domestic issues over a relatively short period of time in which you call law enforcement, you have to understand, many times law enforcement would be the last step," said Foster. "But anytime you have that of course it raises a red flag."

Nearly all the calls to the Prosperity home were for non-violent domestic arguments.

Sheriff Foster says both Cindy and Allen would call deputies about the same incident.

"We would be called," said Foster. "We would offer assistance in one fashion or another and then they would wind up back together."

Foster added that the couple would separate for brief periods, and that Cindy reportedly took out a couple of restraining orders, but then dropped them.

"Law enforcement can take positive steps but can't live that person's life for them," said Foster. "We would know they had a not-so-good interaction then a couple weeks later you'd see them in complete bliss--so, how do you deal with that?"

No one knows the full extent of the couple's relationship or what was the driving force behind them always getting back together.

Koon is currently in the Newberry County jail waiting for a bond hearing.  

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