Powerball jackpot hits a half-billion dollars

The advertised Powerball jackpot has been adjusted up to $500 million  for Wednesday night's drawing, further establishing itself as the largest Powerball jackpot in game history.

The winner can elect a cash option of $327 million.

The adjusted jackpot is an indication that Powerball players from coast to coast are feeling the excitement. Ticket sales in South Carolina are brisk.

The record-setting jackpot run began on October 6 and has already yielded a $2 million winner in South Carolina.

Tickets for Wednesday night's drawing must be purchased before 9:59 p.m. for the 10:59 p.m. drawing. Tickets are $2 and available at lottery retailer statewide.

With long odds of winning the jackpot, about one in 176 million, the Lottery urges responsible play.

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