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DOR hack could affect Black Friday shopping

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Holiday shoppers could find themselves answering more questions at the checkout this year due to the hacking incident at the Department of Revenue.

In the wake of that case, more than 800,000 South Carolinians have applied for some type of credit protection, which could make a difference at the register when you check out Black Friday.

"They may ask for some additional identification to verify it's you," said Carri Grube Lybarker for the state Department of Consumer Affairs.

If you're opening a new credit card to get an even better deal or if you've just got the fraud alert, you may want to have a utility bill in your wallet.

"Sometimes they want a utility bill to verify that it's you," said Lybarker. "Sometimes they'll take your car registration to verify if you have a state issued driver's license or a military ID."

Those who took steps to freeze their credit will need to plan in advance this season. If you're buying a big ticket item that requires financing, a cell phone, or any type of utility, you've got to unfreeze that credit in advance.

"The business is not going to be able to access your credit report unless you have thawed out that freeze by contacting each of the credit reporting agencies and providing that pin number," said Lybarker.

Luckily, you can do that while you're in the crowds of shoppers since it only takes about 15 minutes, but you'll need that pin number and if you've traveled and are doing some shopping, expect a phone call from your credit card company.

"If somebody uses your credit card in a different state or city, then they may notify you and say, 'Hey, we want you to know this happened. Can you verify it was you using your credit card?'" said Lybarker.

While it may be a little extra hassle, credit experts say it's worth it to know they're monitoring your accounts, and no one is using your line of credit to make their holiday merry.

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