Perspective: Men's bad behavior

What is it about some charismatic, powerful men that causes them to do dumb things that ruin their careers, their reputations and their families?  Is their status so intoxicating that they just can't help themselves?  Does a part of their brain that signals right from wrong just stop working?

Think about Bill Clinton, Arnold Swartzenegger, Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, and now General David Petraeus.  Just a few accomplished and supposedly smart men who fell from grace because they couldn't keep their libidos in check.  Some of these guys, like Clinton, actually make a comeback….but their families don't.  The harm done to wives, children and other family members barely makes the headlines… instead we hear about their wrecked careers, loss of credibility and position.  The hidden toll of these headline-grabbing infidelities is vast and  indicative of a deeper problem.  Hero worship.

All these guys were "rock stars"…put on a pedestal for their fame-inducing talents with little attention paid to their moral fiber.  I think we've got it all wrong.  Instead, we should hold in high esteem those who are able to honor their family commitments while accomplishing much and conducting themselves with respect for their position.

Men behaving badly…it's getting a little old if you ask me.

That's my perspective.