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Murdered man's dog also died in burning home

Jimmy Lee Helms and his dog Camo Jimmy Lee Helms and his dog Camo

Cancer did not kill him, but his life instead ended in murder. Lexington County deputies say it is a complicated case, trying to figure out who is responsible for Jimmy Lee Helms' death.

A place to himself on a plot of land in the country, a grill, a boat, and an old car -- you could say the 60-year-old bachelor was living a pretty good life.

"He was cancer free, he was fishing, he was hunting, he was happy," said Crystal Helms, Jimmy's daughter.

And that was a huge relief for his only daughter after a scary battle with colon cancer.

"Two years ago, my father finally decided to have a colostomy bag and he had his surgery and he got Camo and he said that he gave him a purpose, so it saved his life," said Crystal.

That's not a typo either. We're not talking about Chemo, as in Chemotherapy, but Camo, as in Jimmy's Dachshund.

Over the weekend, Jimmy's life ended not in the way they'd feared it would, but in murder. And the Dachshund who saved him lost his life too.

Jimmy's place went up in flames killing Camo, but Helms was already dead. He'd been shot and killed before the fire. He was found on a couch.

"He was a good person, he was at a very good place in his life," said Crystal. "That makes this thing worse."

The only thought making things better, Crystal says, is that the two that were inseparable in life will share an urn and be together in death. But the funeral hinges on finding out who committed the crime.

"It would help us to move forward," said Crystal. "I can't even plan a memorial because I want this taken care of."

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