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"Sacks of Love" provide food for needy families

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Packing up fruit cups and ramen is a Friday ritual of sorts for Mrs. Jackson's second grade class, but they aren't sending it off anywhere. It's going to kids at their school who need food over the weekend.

The bag of food provided to each child in need are called Sacks of Love. The program has been a labor of love and compassion for the Kershaw community since it's inception in 2009 after hearing stories like Kathy Hall's.

"One child went to the school nurse and he had not eaten anything that morning, and she said, 'What did you eat yesterday', and he just hung his head," said Hall.

The program has been going strong ever since, but they were in need of some help when it came to providing milk. Turns out Walmart was offering grants for backpack ministries like this one. The Kershaw group entered online and won.

The $50,000 grant will towards providing milk for children in the Sacks of Love program for the next three years. Volunteers say this money was desperately needed.

"Here we are today, you know, receiving this big check, so it's a wonderful thing, but it is very overwhelming the generosity of Walmart to provide it for us," said Hall.

The program is in 19 schools in Kershaw County and serves about 405 students. Guidance counselor Glenna Brown Kiser says you have no idea how powerful the gift of food is to parents who simply can't afford it.

"One of my first grade teachers forgot to let her students take them home, so she went to the homes of the three children in her class and the parents were just saying, 'Thank you so much. We're just wondering how we were going to make it this weekend because we depend on it so much,'" said Kiser.

If you'd like to learn more about Sacks of Love in Kershaw County, you are asked to call 432-3028.

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