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Perspective: Voting Mess

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The mess that was Richland county's election process last week is just unacceptable.  Record turnout, tightly contested races, important ballot initiatives…so much at stake in this totally botched voting experience.

One week later,  we are close to having some closure on the matter as the state supreme court has ordered the ballots, machines and memory cards returned to the county election office.  County officials have until this Friday to canvass the votes and give results to state authorities for certification.

And yet we still don't know just who will take the fall for this travesty.  Many voters feel disenfranchised having to walk away without casting their vote due to long waits and inadequate or malfunctioning voting machines.  Some even feel they have been  denied their constitutional right to vote.   

As one WIS viewer wrote:  The Voters Have  NOT spoken!  Many of us didn't get to vote due to conditions at the poll.  I don't want to hear "It'll be better next time".  I want to know how my vote can count THIS time." 

Richland County officials owe us some answers for how this travesty was allowed to happen and who is to blame. The citizens of Richland County deserve better

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