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Opinions mixed on proposed truck bypass


The Department of Transportation wants to reroute transfer trucks from driving down Main St. in Bishopville.  But businesses owners are not happy about it.

"We depend on our customers," said Janice Atkinson, the owner of the Little Florist's Shop.

Atkinson just relocated her business to Highway 15, also known as Bishopville's Main St.

She's afraid DOT's truck bypass will cost her some customers.

"Towns with bypasses pretty much shut down," she said. "I've invested a lot into this building, customers, this town."

The $19 million DOT project will be funded by Santee-Lynches regional council of governments. The DOT estimates 1,000 trucks drive through Main St. daily.

Bishopville resident Martha Wilson likes the idea of less truck congestion.

"I'm afraid of them because they're so noisy," said Wilson. "When you're driving it distracts you."

DOT says moving trucks away from town may encourage more growth and pedestrian traffic.

Jason Locklair owns Artists View Creations. He disagrees.

" I have truckers that come in and buy from my businesses," he said. "Truckers have families."

The proposed detour would move traffic eastward, outside of town and then back onto Highway 15.

It's a proposal Atkinson fears will put Bishopville's future at risk.

"We enjoy that small town feeling," she said. "But we want to be put on the map."

DOT is accepting public comments on where to put the proposed bypass. If you want to share your thoughts, you have until November 28th.

Residents can submit comments to:

Kenneth Johnson, PE


PO Box 191

Columbia, SC 29202


Or call him at:  803-737-1489

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