Perspective: Civility by USC Athletics Director, Ray Tanner

One of the strengths of our community and state is the rich diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and opinions.

This diversity can make us better citizens and neighbors if we choose not to allow these differences to divide us.

But, in many respects, divisiveness seems to be the order of the day, weakening personal relationships within our community, our state,  and our nation.  Common courtesy and civility are disappearing in the face of rudeness and confrontation; collaboration is giving way to accusation and blame; respect for each other is collapsing in the face of disparagement and name-calling.  Thoughtfulness and truthfulness are being replaced with spin, deception, and untruths.

The effects of this conduct are caustic and they lessen our opportunities for inspiring healthy communities.

Last week during its Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, the Columbia Urban League launched an initiative to advance the conversation on CIVILITY.  Hundreds of SC citizens began the conversation and took the Citizens Civility Pledge

I took the pledge and I'm asking you to consider doing the same.

You can find the pledge at the website below. Take the pledge and invite your friends and family to do the same.  We can make a difference, one citizen at a time.

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