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Amendment to question if gov, lt. gov. should be on same ticket

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It's the only constitutional question on Tuesday's ballot: In 2018, should the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor be required to run on the same ticket?

A vote yes would change a system that South Carolina shares with 16 other states. A vote no would keep things as they are.

Support for the proposed amendment crosses party lines. It has been part of Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's restructuring agenda since she took office. But Democrats including Haley opponent and state Sen. Vincent Sheheen have also backed the change.

Many supporters say the same-ticket concept offers more consistent executive policies, especially if the governor is not able to serve a full term. Critics say the amendment gives voters less of a choice, requiring them to vote for a party and not the person.

It would also dramatically change the responsibilities of the office now held by Charleston's Glenn McConnell because the lieutenant governor would no longer preside over the Senate.

Senators would choose their own president, giving that person the power to do things like breaking tie votes.

If approved, the constitutional change would mean South Carolina's number two executive officer would have little to do other than oversee the state's Office on Aging.

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