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Buy It & Try It: Pringles vs. Lay's Stax

(National) July 5, 2004 - In its commercials, the new Lay's Stax Potato Crisps takes on Pringles, "America has voted and people prefer the taste of Lay's Stax Original to Pringles Original."

To see if that claim rings true, Consumer Reports asked staffers to taste the two chips. Anna Pierdiluca is a Consumer Reports tester and says without telling them what the products were, each person was given two containers, "If you have a preference, write down the number of the one you prefer. If you have no preference, just check no preference."

All in all, 111 people sampled the chips and wrote down which code number they preferred. Though they didn't know it, the Lay's Stax Original were the ones with a "three" in the middle of the code. The containers with Pringles Original had a two in the code.

Once the ballots were turned in, nearly everyone had an opinion from, "I preferred 238 because I thought it was saltier and had little more crunch," to, "It had a great flavor, crispier, crunchier," and, "I felt that one was a little thicker, not as light as the other."

It turned out 64% of the people who had a preference preferred Lay's Stax Original.

Nutritionally Consumer Reports says Lay's Stax Original and Pringles Original are almost identical. They have about the same amount of calories and fat and they cost about the same at about $1.60.

Reported by Judi Gatson
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