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Could alcohol come to Lancaster County on Sundays?

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Voters in Lancaster county not only have to chose a president but on Tuesday but they also have to decide if alcohol should be sold in the county on Sunday's.

Businesses think selling alcohol on Sundays will be a good thing. The Co-Owner of Carolina Bistro, Daniel LaFranca, in Indian Land says his customers have been complaining about not being able to get a drink in Lancaster County.

"They keep saying we can't wait until it happens," LaFranca said. "Because they keep going over the border down, the road and going to restaurants in North Carolina."

LaFranca said if the measure passed he would open up the restaurant on Sundays. He claims it could help Lancaster County's double digit unemployment rate.

"I would definitely need to hire more help in the back in the kitchen," LaFranca said. "And help in the front of the house."

Other supporters believe having liquor sold on Sunday's will help prompt economic development throughout the county

"Not only will restaurants come," Support of Sunday sales Elissa Boyet said. "Then you have the ability for other amenities that will make us look more attractive."

Not all see it as a win win situation. Pastor Scott Robinson believes people should vote no on the ballot. He has a personal reason why he doesn't want to see liquor sold in his county on Sunday. Once upon a time he was addicted to alcohol.

"Almost lost my whole family to alcohol," the pastor said. "And I was a drunk."

He thinks people have a responsibility to keep the county dry on Sundays.

"All the arguments of moderation," Robinson said. "Giving people choices, I know it doesn't effect people the same way. I am aware of that but we have an obligation to look out for those who it does effect that way."

Supporters worked about two years to get this measure on the ballot. It required getting more than 4,000 signatures on a ballot.

If the measure fails on Tuesday, voters would have to wait another four years before they could decide again whether to have alcohol sold on Sundays.

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