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PattyPacks, McKinley family expanding


Last year, we introduced you to the McKinley Family and their labor of love, a product called PattyPacks. They started the non-profit after their son, Patterson, died before reaching his first birthday.

Now, the McKinley Family is raising money to expand their operation.

"The supplies really took up so much space we had to either get a storage unit or do a project like tear down the house and start fresh," said David McKinley.

David's family and PattyPacks headquarters are getting a new home. Since Patterson's death, the McKinley's have prepared and delivered hundreds of care packages to MUSC where Patterson spent a large part of his life.

"Knowing the product of what we do gets to help other families, that experience what we went through, it just helps us remember important lessons we learned when our son Patterson was alive," said David.

Now the McKinleys want PattyPacks at a hospital here in the Midlands, so they're raising money with a 5K in Lexington on Dec. 1st. The goal is to get the red bags in the hands of more parents who're going through what no parent should have to.

"To people stuck in an intensive care unit, the gift is a gift, and it's just a good feeling," said David. "Everything that came our way just made us feel that much more uplifted."

With a renewed mission and a new house will also come a new addition. The McKinley's are expecting another baby in the next few weeks -- another boy. There's more than a good chance he'll hear a lot about his older brother.

"This will be our cause, and hopefully we can raise our family and friends to experience this and know there's something better we can all do for each other," said David.

If you'd like to sign up for the race, you can do so at

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