Lott: Duct tape roll had Gabbiee and Freddie Grant's DNA on it

Gabbiee Swainson
Gabbiee Swainson
Freddie Grant (Source: Richland County Sheriff's Department)
Freddie Grant (Source: Richland County Sheriff's Department)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A duct tape roll found in the investigation of missing teen Gabbiee Swainson had her and accused kidnapper Freddie Grant's DNA on it, according to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

In earlier press conferences, the sheriff talked about pieces of duct tape that had Gabbiee's DNA on it. He explained they found the roll of duct tape in Grant's home.

The sheriff and the teen's mother, Elvia Swainson, held a news conference on Friday to update the public about the status of the investigation.

Lott also announced that the reward for information that could lead to Gabbiee's safe return had been increased to $8,500 thanks to the sale of bracelets to raise awareness for the teen's disappearance.

While information surrounding the case has slowed, Lott says his resolve in finding the teen has not because the investigation remains very active.

"We're not going to give up. Not going to give up. Not going to slow down one bit," said Lott.

Elvia was also given the opportunity to speak.

"I'm doing everything I can to find my child," said Elvia. "I'm pleading to the public for any help."

Gabbiee went missing from her Tamara Way home on Aug. 18. According to Richland County sheriff's investigators, the teen was forced from her home by the 52-year-old Grant, who has been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Elvia says she has sent letters to Grant in hopes he'll give up crucial information to help find the teen. She says she's still waiting for a response from him.

"I need to ask him what does he know, and I just want to find out where my child is," said Elvia. "That's my goal."

"I have not given up. I'm not going to give up. I'm believing to the very end that this is going to turn out well."

Grant, a convicted felon, is currently being held on an ammunition charge because it is against the law for him to be in possession of the ammo.

Lott, who had been very outspoken about Grant in the past, even calling him a "monster" at one point, gave a somewhat muted answer when asked about Grant again.

"I'm going to be very professional: I hope he has his day in court, and the justice system will speak and it's going to speak loud and clear," said Lott.

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