One teen dead following Halloween night shooting - - Columbia, South Carolina

One teen dead following Halloween night shooting

Kristen Burnett Kristen Burnett

FOX54 has learned one teen is dead today following a shooting Halloween night. The shooting happened around 10:30pm Wednesday in Grovetown.

Coroner Vernon Collins tells FOX54 the victim is 13 year old Kristen Burnett. A 14 year old is being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Officials tell FOX54 Burnett had 3 friends over when the 14 year old came downstairs with a shotgun. Burnett was shot in the chest and died on the scene. After the shooting the 14 year old called police.

The victim's mother wasn't home at the time of the incident. Burnett's father lives in North Carolina and is on his way to the CSRA now. Her step-father is deployed overseas. The coroner tells us they are in the process of getting the step-father stateside as soon as possible.

Officials tell FOX54 alcohol was not involved.

FOX54 has a crew working with the Grovetown Police Department at this time and will update you with more on this incident as we get the information.


911 Call:

"Please ma'am! Just please click over and just send an ambulance. Because I really do not want my friend to die."

That's what  the frantic voice of a teenager said to dispatchers after police say he shot and killed his friend.

" I am just so scared right now. This was a complete freak accident. I didn't mean to do it," the teenager said.

According to 911 tapes and investigators, the 14-year-old says he was hanging out with his classmates Halloween night at his friend's home on Reynolds Way. Investigators say he found a shot gun in an upstairs bedroom, and brought it back down to show his friends.

The 14-year-old explains what happens next in the 911 call.

"So I went in there and I tried to scare her," the teenager said. "And then I pulled the trigger on accident, and it killed her."

Investigators say Kristen Burnett, 13, was shot in the chest. The coroner pronounced Burnett dead on the scene. Police say Her mother was not home at the time of the shooting.

Grovetown police are now helping students at Grovetown Middle School cope with this tragic loss.

"Unlike Atlanta; unlike larger cities, when something like this happens, it's a little more broad," said Chief Gary Owens of the Grovetown Department of Public Safety. "You read about it, on the news you see it; you move on. Here, this affects this community gravely. And that's going to be our concern now."

"At Grovetown Middle School flags fly at half staff in memory of Kristen Burnett. Students here  are being counseled, not just for the loss of one of their classmates, but for two."

"It's just an act of carelessness," Chief Owens said.

Now, the 14-year-old is behind bars at the Youth Development Center. They say they plan to charge him with involuntary manslaughter.


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