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Credit protection extends beyond South Carolina's borders

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One of the questions we keep getting is, "What if I paid taxes in South Carolina and now live out of state?" Are those people eligible for the fraud protection?

Graphic designer Witt Langstaff works in Atlanta, but is from the Palmetto State. Two weeks before the breach was announced, he started noticing strange charges on his debit card.

"It was little stuff," said Langstaff. "Ten dollar charge here, $20 there. I didn't think much of it, then I was looking through the news and I found this breach."

Langstaff doesn't know if the breach was to blame, but he says those charges were easy for him to deal with. The Social Security number was another matter.

"When you get into a situation where people can open accounts in your name, that's what got my attention," said Langstaff.

Fortunately for Langstaff, the protection promised from Gov. Nikki Haley extends to one-time South Carolina taxpayers who now live elsewhere.

"When I heard what had happened, there was an 800 number set up to call. So I did that about six times and each time they said high call volume. Then when they said there was an online method I jumped on it," said Langstaff.

Langstaff still has a lot of questions about the timing of the announcement and the response, but is happy to have some measure of protection beyond South Carolina's borders.

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