Local Red Cross staff helping prepare for Hurricane Sandy

AnnaKate Twitty at Red Cross shelter on Long Island
AnnaKate Twitty at Red Cross shelter on Long Island

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some local American Red Cross staffers are in New York to help run shelters the Red Cross opened to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

AnnaKate Twittty is helping out at some Long Island shelters. Twitty and about 20 volunteers from the Midlands chapter of the American Red Cross left a few days ago.

"We have already sent five of our emergency response vehicles and those vehicles are part of vehicles from around the country," said Twitty via phone Sunday.

"What those vehicles will do is once it's safe they'll be going into affected areas providing clean-up supplies, blankets etcetera, "she said.

If you want to help, you can be trained to do so but they warn if you volunteer to help, if selected, you could be there as long as three to four weeks.

Fastest way to help is to donate money. To do that or to volunteer, you can call 1-800 Red Cross.

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