Best Buys: Stainless steel grills

(National) July 2, 2004 - Consumer Reports just tested barbecue grills and says you don't have to pay top dollar to get a very good stainless steel grill.

Beside being stainless steel, Consumer Reports' Sarah Goralski says a $400 Thermos grill available at Target (model number 461246804) and a $400 Vermont Castings available at Home Depot (model CF9030LP) have other plusses, "They have the two of the best kinds of grates for searing and keeping temperatures even."

The Vermont Castings grill's grates are coated cast iron. Thermos's grates are stainless steel, and Sarah says an electronic igniter on the Thermos makes start-up easy, "The Thermos also has a ten-year warranty on the burners. And, that long a warranty is usually only available on higher-priced grills."

The Thermos grill also has a side-burner that can be handy for keeping food warm or cooking up mushrooms or side dishes. The Thermos grill earned very good scores for grilling and evenness of heating.

As for the Vermont Castings grill, it did an excellent job of grilling and even heating. Consumer Reports named both of these grills Best Buys, and at $400 they cost far less than most other stainless steel grills.

Remember: even the best grills can turn out miserable meals if you don't grill properly. See six ways to botch a barbecue and learn how not to make those mistakes.

by Judi Gatson

posted 6:00pm by Chris Rees

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