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Release of 911 tape has Lexington woman worried about privacy


A Lexington County woman says she feels like her privacy was violated when her desperate 911 call was released to the public.

This woman's 911 call was made on March 6, which is more than 7 months ago.

Last month she says she found out other people had heard her tape, and she feels like those people were entertained by her traumatic experience. She does not want to be identified, but she told her story because she doesn't want anyone else's desperation exposed unnecessarily to the public.

The woman was separating with her boyfriend when he threatened to kill himself.

"The separation was mutual," said the woman. "He just didn't want to give me what I wanted."

She called 911.

"I ran into the woods covered myself with leaves and said please help me," said the woman.

The woman was taken to safety, and her now ex-boyfriend was arrested for criminal domestic violence, but more than 7 months later, she found out through a 911 sign-in sheet that two people were given a copy of her desperate plea.

"It shows Nicole Howland, who is a prosecutor, and it shows Bobby Keisler. Nicole signed it out on April 5, and he signed it out on March 7 -- the very next day," said the woman.

Keisler, of course, is a Lexington County Councilman.

Tapes like these are public information and can be requested by anyone, but they have to go through proper channels.

"I was told that it takes 15 days to request a 911 tape and he got it the next day," said the woman.

She was told that in an e-mail from Nikki Rodgers, the 911 communications coordinator.

The victim says someone close to the councilman approached her, saying he heard the tape. It has not been confirmed why Councilman Keisler requested that tape or who he played it for. Our calls to him went unanswered.

This is only an issue for the woman months later because someone came up to her saying they felt sorry for her after hearing the councilman's copy of the tape, so she feels like she's suffering from that incident all over again.

"I want the buck to stop here with people being able to go get 911 tapes," said the woman.

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