Kelvin Washington

Democratic incumbent for Richland County Council District 10.


Occupation: Director of Rural Outreach for Nuclear and Transportation programs 

Experience in Political or Related Positions: Elected Chairman of Richland County Council in 2012; elected to Richland County Council in November of 2008, representing Richland Council District 10; and have served the community in a variety of volunteer capacities, including that of a volunteer firefighter.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

Voters should choose me because I have a proven track record in tackling the tough issues of critical importance to Richland County in the areas of transportation, fiscal management as well in the area of economic development.

During my tenure on Richland County Council I have listened to the voters and addressed issues of public safety, land use and development as well as issues of how to bring infrastructure to the rural community which is in need of dirt road paving as well as clean water and sewer services.

I have worked with Richland County Council and our professional staff to facilitate policies that are business friendly and that support higher education and facilitation of a well trained work force.  Moreover, I have worked to make government open and accessible to all.

I have also worked to foster greater regional cooperation between Richland County and the City of Columbia as well as other area governments.  This is a critical time in local government and voters are looking to someone with experience as well as a record of successfully completing complex tasks and listening to citizens.  I believe that I fit that bill and I am always available to our citizens.  I may be reached via e-mail at or at (803) 803) 404-1530.