Carolyn Robinson

Non-partisan candidate for Fairfield County Council District 2.

Occupation: Paralegal

Education: Midlands Technical College, Paralegal Associates Degree; Winnsboro High School, honor graduate; SC Association of Counties, Institute of Government, Levels I and II with SC Economic Development School and NC-SC Economic Development School

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Previous service as council member, Fairfield County: 1995-2004; and 2008 to date. 

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I feel I have the needed experience to address the future issues facing our county. By serving on Council I have obtained valuable knowledge which will help make major decisions which face us in the next four years.  One major issue facing all citizens of the county at this time is that of water, our most valuable resource.  Because of the droughts we have faced, the water table has been drastically lowered, thus diminishing our water supply. At this time we are discussing possible solutions, and the Corps of Engineers has begun a study of the needs and sources of water for the county. By working in the legal profession I understand the importance of the ordinances passed by the Council and their effect on the citizens. Also, through the years, relationships have been established in the county and in the state which help provide information and assistance in addressing challenges which come before us. Because of these relationships and experiences, I feel I am a better decision maker. Serving the citizens of Fairfield County in this capacity is such a joy to me.