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Report: Mother left baby outside home, near pile of trash


Police in Mount Holly say a 23-year-old mother left her 10-month-old baby next to a pile of trash by the road Sunday evening and drove off.

Katelynne Devine, of Mount Holly, is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, said Mount Holly Interim Police Chief David James.

Chief James said that Devine had shown up with her child at the father's house, along the 100 block of East Catawba Drive, and wanted him to take the baby.

The father, Aaron Miller, declined, saying he had to go to bed and be up early for work the next morning.

Miller and Devine got into an argument and Miller told Devine to leave, police told WBTV.

Miller went back into his home and discussed issue with his mother.  Sometime later Miller and his Mother walked out on the front porch and heard the baby crying.

Miller told police that he looked out toward the road and saw his son sitting on the ground beside a pile of trash near the road, where Devine had apparently left him, Chief James said.

Police say Devine did not tell anyone she was leaving the baby there.  

Miller told WBTV he thinks Devine should be charged; however he said that behavior was unlike her. He said they've been dating off-and-on for several years.

The baby boy is 10-months-old, could not walk but could crawl. The baby was uninjured, officers say.

"My hope for him and the family is they get their issues worked out and this is a one time thing," said Chief David James.

WBTV has learned the temperature was dropping to the lower 50s around the time of the incident.

Warrants were obtained on Katelynne Devine for Child Neglect.

She was later arrested and was taken to the Gaston County Jail.

WBTV stopped by Devine's house for comment, but no one came to the door. Police say they are still trying to talk to her and get her side of what happened.

She was released on a secure $5,000.00 bond pending court. Gaston DSS is also investigating case.   

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