Robert "Bobby" Gary

Democratic incumbent for Kershaw County Council District 1.



Occupation:  Vizion LLC / Maintenance (Residential & Commercial)

Education: Camden High School (1991) / Denmark Technical College (Electronics Technology) / South Carolina Institute of Policy and Procedure (Level I / Level II)

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Elected to Kershaw County Council (District #1) since 2008 to present.

Chairman (Affordable Housing) Kershaw County Housing Partnership

Chairman (Hunger & Homeless) United Way Community Care Council

Why should voters choose you in this election?

Since I have been elected in 2008 to county council, we have provided employment and recreational opportunities. We have also supported our educational system while keeping taxes lower than our neighboring counties. If elected, I will continue the success, by sowing ideas for employment opportunities  such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells Industry, Green Technologies, Alternative Funding for Rural Infrastructure and Improving our Recreational Facilities. As a servant of my community, I am committed, eager and willing to continue representing the citizens of district #1 in Kershaw County!