John "Chief" Propst

Non-partisan candidate for Richland County School Board District 2.


Occupation: Retired

Education: Associate Degree Midland College, Baccalaureate Degree Coker College, numerous  military schools to include US Army Sergeant Major Academy the highest level of military schooling

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

No civilian Political Positions.

President of the Association of the US Army Three locations total years 3

Chairman of the Non-Commission Officer Association 2 locations 2 years

President of the Post Exchange 1 Year

President of Non-Commission Officer Development Program 2 Years

Responsible for and point of contact for USAIC Reg 350-10 2 Years

Responsible for the re-write of FM 22-5 Drill and ceremonies 2 Years

President of the Training Board for Level 3 training for the Army National Guard 1 Year

President of the Squad Automatic Weapons task selection team. 2 Years

President of Coordinate with MILPERCEN to purge the unattended roster of students for both Basic Non-Commission Officer and the Advanced Non-Commission courses 2 Years

President of the Soldier of the Month and Non-Commission of the Quarter Boards  9 Years

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I feel with my 30 years of military and 9 years as a Command Sergeant Major where I was require to plan and organized training, management of numerous budgets. My experience as the Commandant of the largest Academy in the Army where we trained the first 3 levels of NCO education and the fact that where ever I was assigned at we ensure that there were college course offer to the soldier. I truly believe that education is foundation for the United States. I serve as the Supervisor of Safety and Security in the District for 19 years. When I started in the District we had 14 schools and 9,000 students. Upon my retirement we had 36 schools and about 25,000 students. I feel that I have vast amount of knowledge on the running procedures of the District and this benefit the District if I am Elected. My name is Propst  Professional  Responsible Observe Positive Strive Tactical