Ned Nelson

Non-partisan candidate for Calhoun County School Board District 4.

Occupation: Retired educator

Education: M.Ed. in educational administration and B.S. in physical education from USC

Experience in Political or Related Positions: This is my first offering for political office. However, I was a public school administrator for 23 years. I was an assistant principal for two years, a principal for 18 years and a district office administrator for 3 years. Before I moved into these administrative positions, I was a teacher. I also coached football for three years. In all, I served 29 years as a professional educator in the Calhoun County Public School System.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I've lived in Calhoun County for more than 51 years. I attended and graduated from the Calhoun County Public School System. I also worked in the Calhoun County Public School System for 29 years before retiring in 2010. I wish to use my considerable experience and training to serve the citizens of Calhoun County as a school board trustee.