Perspective: A WIS editorial on the penny sales tax referendum

A very significant vote is before Richland County voters this Fall,  and it's important that you understand the implications of what you're voting on.

The proposed penny tax and the projects it will fund are the subject of a forum being presented by the Community Relations Council at 5:30pm on October 22 at the Convention Center.  This promises to be a non-partisan analysis of this matter,  and the CRC has pledged neutrality in the discussions to insure that voters have ample information on which to base their voting decision.  The forum will be moderated to provide fair and impartial presentations of both sides of the penny tax issues.  Our community needs to come together on this funding initiative as fully informed and active participants.  I strongly urge you to attend this forum if you are undecided or confused about the proposed penny-on-the-dollar sales tax.  It just makes sense to know where your cents are going.

That's my perspective.  Let me hear from you.