Katrina Shealy

Petition candidate for S.C. Senate District 23.

Email: Rebecca.ShealyforSenate@gmail.com   

Occupation: Underwriting Insurance Manager, Davis Garvin Insurance

Education: Batesburg-Leesville High School / Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent - ACSR  CISR

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Chairman - Lexington County Republican Party 2007-2008

President - West Metro Republican Women 2009 -2010

Chairman of the Board - South Carolina Friends of Juvenile Justice 2011-2012

Board Member – South Carolina Friends of Juvenile Justice 2009-2012

Board Member - Lexington County Dept of Social Services 2001-2003

Advisory Council – Lexington Medical Foundation Women of Hope -2011-2-12

Board of Directors – Girls Scouts of the Congaree 2001-2004

Why should voters choose you in this election?

As a proven business manager who helps job creators daily, I have the experience we need in Columbia overcoming government regulations, making payrolls, and adhering to budgets. Unanimously endorsed by the SCGOP, I am the only candidate we can trust to fight for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes.

When I am elected to the State Senate, people will not have to lay awake at night wondering what deal Jake Knotts is cutting or what scheme he is entering into to benefit himself. They will know that I am hard at work improving our economy, promoting our true conservative values and ensuring our kids have a brighter future. The fun and games surrounding Jake Knotts has to end. Governing is serious business, and Jake Knotts has failed and lost the confidence of the people.