Alan Cannon

Non-partisan candidate for Sumter County School Board District 6.


Occupation: Funeral Home Owner/Operator_- SC Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer

Education: Graduate of Sumter High School, and Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service

Why should voters choose you in this election?

Voters should choose me because I will  provide a strong voice for the interest of the community with a priority on the student first. Secondly, I believe our professionals in the classroom should be provided the necessary materials and training to stimulate the learning process. Finally, I believe our citizens are better served when we operate within the confines of our financial allowances. In other words, operating on a balanced budget.

OUR STUDENTSI believe EVERY student is entitled to a relevant, challenging, and meaningful curriculum, one that matches their strengths and maximizes their ability to contribute to society.

OUR TEACHERS I believe our Teachers deserve our heartfelt respect and support. They should be equipped professionally and materially to promote a positive education environment.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNER - With my business background, I will bring common sense business practices, realistic perspective and fiscal responsibility to the Board.