Megan Hutto

Petition Candidate for Lexington County Council District 1.



From Megan Hutto:

District One is blessed to have communities like:  Edmund, Boiling Springs, Fairview/Leesville, Pelion, Swansea, Horseneck, and Gaston.  Each community has its own history and identity. More importantly, each community's needs are different.

My Vision Plan for District One is Simple: Improve the Quality of Life of Our People, by providing adequate Public Safety, Increased Road Quality, and Economic Development that encourages small business growth and industrial/manufacturing business establishment and job opportunities, Locally!

It is important to know, I do not agree with increases taxes, unless it is the LAST resort.

But, I do not find it acceptable for a member of county council to (consistently) Vote "No" to every proposed project (i.e. increased public safety, medical facilities, road paving/maintenance programs, etc.), unless that representative has fulfilled his/her obligation to find and pursue any/all alternative solutions that will end with the same result, without burdening our citizens financially.  Saying no is easy. Finding a solution takes time, care, and persistence.

We ARE capable of meeting the needs of the people, without increasing taxes.

I am the best candidate for Lexington County Council – District One.  I will bring fresh leadership that embodies my business experience and embody an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. I have no doubt I will exceed the expectations of our citizens and never forget my focus to serve the needs of District One.  It is important to keep the citizens involved in the process by communicating openly and consistently. I encourage citizen feedback and look forward to discussing and listening to citizens' suggestions, so we are solving issues together.  Involving the people in the decision making process is essential to mutual respect and understanding.  If people feel their opinion does not matter, they will continue to feel "unrepresented" and "unsatisfied" with the representative and the role of government in Lexington County.

I recognize and understand the key issues that face one of the largest, demographically diverse, and, unfortunately, at this time, the least represented areas of Lexington County.

Looking forward to Nov. 6.