G. Kenneth Gary

The Three R's have been refused, removed and replaced in our educational system and our social development.

So, What are the Three R's?  No, not Reading, Writing, or Arithmetic, but they are the essential ingredients found in an individual's faith, a family's structure or a community's character.

Respect, Responsibility and the Rules of LIfe

Our children must learn the value of Respect for parents and teachers.  From this training, the ability to understand respect will encourage Responsibility.  In order to have responsibility, the educational system and the community must show a responsible interest in a child's life.

When the two dynamics Respect and Responsibility are merged into the Rules of Life, our children will seek new directions, discover discipline principles and acquire a social purpose.

Our children will face many challenges that require generous support from family, friends and business.  My opponents out raised my campaign 8 to 1 and out spent us 12 to 1; however, my community involvement with children and young adults gave me the opportunity to motivate voters on June 12, 2012.

Motivation has its limitations without generous donations (support) from concerned parents and citizens that believe in education.  Will you help me in this November 6th 2012 School Board runoff election to be an effective Trustee by reclaiming Respect, restoring Responsibility and renewing the Rules of Life?

With high regards and sincere appreciation,

G. Kenneth 'Greg' Gary
Candidate for KC School Board District 5