Joyce Knott

Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 5.


Occupation: Account Executive 

Education: Spartanburg High School and Spartanburg Technical School and York Technical College

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Working as a volunteer and then staff, scheduler, and other duties for Congressman John Spratt since 1994-2010

Worked as Staff Director for then (Senator Hillary Clinton) campaign for the Presidency.

Campaign Manager for Kathy Cantrell – race against Ralph Norman

Served on the York County Executive Board as Treasurer over 7 ½ years

Attended two Democratic National Conventions as a Delegate

Active in the York County Democratic Party since 1991

Worked on various other small campaigns.

Why should voters choose you in this election? 

I am a small businesswoman and have a vast amount of experience in the workplace and have studied the issues on the Federal level since 1991.

I want to stop the right wing side of the Republican Party from continuing to tear down our safety nets and scaring the seniors regarding healthcare.

I want to break gridlock and work to find solutions to the challenges our nations faces by not signing a pledge to not bring in revenue when needed.

Work tirelessly to bring jobs back to main street and begin manufacturing again especially here in the fifth district.