Sherry Stewart

Non-partisan candidate for Clarendon County School District 1.

Occupation: Director of Education Clarendon Health System-Registered Nurse

Education: Degree in Nursing

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I am a lifelong resident of Clarendon County and the town of Summerton. Having raised three children in the community, education was and is important to me.

Five years ago, I joined an education pilot project sponsored by Clemson University. This project focused on creating improved community involvement Clarendon School District One. Through work on that project, I better understood the impact successful education has on all aspects and needs of a community. In a small, rural, disadvantaged area like ours, there are challenges to providing the education needed to meet those needs. There are barriers. However, Clarendon School District One has a tremendous opportunity to leap into the future of education. I want to contribute to this effort and its investment. I want to advocate for the District and for education, in general. The health and viability of our community depends on our educational success.

I feel that through my experience and skill set, I can make a contribution by becoming a member of the District One School Board.