Tim Carroll

Democratic candidate for Newberry County Council District 1.

Email: carroll2649@charter.net                

Occupation: Carolina Handling

Education: Graduated Newberry High, Associate degree in Industrial Technology with a Major in Automotive Technology from Piedmont Technical College, Graduated Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Councilperson, Town of Whitmire Council,  10 years service

Mayor, Town of Whitmire, 10 years service

Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government, 2 years to complete

President, Whitmire Athletic Booster Club, 8 years

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I feel that I should be elected to Newberry County Council District One because I am caring and dedicated to improving the lives of our citizens and communities in Newberry County.

Being a lifelong resident of Newberry County and raising a family here constantly reminds me that I need to try to always make a difference. This is "my home". Thus, for the past 20 years I have tried to do just that by serving my community and Newberry County.

With my leadership, I will work toward more and better paying jobs, improving and expanding our Senior Citizen services, promoting Newberry County Hospital and 24 hour ambulance service throughout the county. I would like to see our volunteers in the fire and rescue services better compensated for their dedication to the safety of the citizens of our county, continue to support our public school, Piedmont Technical College, and Newberry College.  I would like to expand natural gas, cable, water, and broadband Internet in our county.

If elected, I plan to hold community meetings in different areas of the district to find out the desires and needs of our citizens. The voters of Newberry County can be assured that I will always be a voice for them.

As Mayor of Whitmire, my first accomplished goal was to bring cell phone service to the Whitmire area. We now have Alltel, Verizon, and AT&T. Also, while I was Mayor our town received over 24 grants and awards totaling $4,500,000.00, which ,made improvements to our water and sewer systems, parks and recreation, new equipment, and vehicles for our police department, and a total make-over of our down town. If elected, I will work to help attain grants throughout our county.

This election day, I ask for your vote and support. May God bless your families, our district, Newberry County, and our great country.