Kamau Marcharia

Non-partisan candidate for Fairfield County Council District 4.

Education:  3 and ½ years of college courses– Mercer Community College, Glassboro State Teachers College, Greenwood Technical College, Orangeburg Community College and Thomas Edison State College.

Occupation:  I'm retired from my position of Rural Organizing Director for Grassroots Leadership.  I do consulting work with non-profit community and philanthropic organizations and serve on the Fairfield County Council.

Experience in Political or Related Positions:
I am currently serving my fourteenth year on the Fairfield County Council and I have only missed three County Council meetings in all that time.  I have been involved in community issues my entire adult life.

Why should voters choose you in this election? I know of no better way to help my community than to be able to participate directly in decision-making on issues that directly affect people's everyday lives.