Vivian Fleming-McGhaney

Democratic incumbent for Sumter County Council District 5.


Occupation: Curriculum Instructional Coach/ National Board Certified Teacher

Education: Masters+30  

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

I was first elected to Sumter County Council during a special election in 2002, representing Sumter County Council District 5, and have served consecutive terms to present.  Served as chairman for three terms.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

My record shows that the voters in Sumter can trust my service and leadership.  I have a ten-year proven record of servant leadership to Sumter, with three terms as chairman.

During my tenure as chairman, Sumter County Council experienced civility among council members (which was a needed change);  there was remarkable economic growth during my chairmanship. One of the greatest accomplishments during this time was the establishment of an infrastructure fund, which enabled the county to reserve a percentage of fees in lieu of taxes from industries. Consequently this gained for us the fiscal strength to be competitive in economic development; which proved to be instrumental in our support of the expansion of existing industries,  addition of Sykes, Au'Some, Continental Tires, etc. This helps to bring to fruition the ultimate goal to strengthen Sumter's tax base, and provide quality employment. It was also during my chairmanship that Sumter County passed its first ever capital projects penny sales tax referendum, called "Penny for Progress." Because of this great investment, the face of Sumter is experiencing positive changes through the projects that were approved through the referendum. We also experienced educational advancement—support of public schools, supported the new Central Carolina Health Sciences Program, etc..   Sumter County maintained fiscal responsibility—receiving high ratings by Moody's and Standards and Poor's.

Additionally, I was a part of the team of Sumterites to visit Fort McPherson, Georgia to introduce Sumter to the service men and women, and a second time to welcome the Third Army to Sumter. Some of my other accomplishments are --I supported water expansion to rural areas, supported volunteer firefighters, maintained accessibility to my constituents, and offered my services to constituents throughout the entire county, regardless of whether or not they lived in my immediate district. I served with temperance, promoted fairness, equity, and unity; and served on the City-County Liaison Committee, Economic Development Board, Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce, and the Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments,  and also participated in faith-based initiatives—all to promote collaborative efforts that help to make all of Sumter a great place to live, work, play, and worship.

I am ready to again prove to the voters that I can and will work to continue to be a part of Sumter's vision. I ask for their support.