Peggy Ogburn

Non-partisan candidate for Camden City Council.



Occupation:  Human Services Specialist II, SC  Dept of Health & Human Services, Kershaw Co.

Education: Graduate USC Lancaster

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Although I have never sought nor held public office I believe that my background and diverse volunteer and career experiences qualify me to be a positive and productive member of the Camden City Council.

I initiated the formation of and served as Chairman of the Kershaw County Urban Development Committee, a collaborative effort including the Camden City Planner, Kershaw County Planner & Assistant Planner, Kershaw County Engineer, Kershaw County Planning & Zoning Committee chairman, and representatives of the Town of Elgin and Kershaw Conservation District. The committee sponsored an educational workshop relating to Low Impact Development (LID) and Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) construction techniques, which conserve natural resources.

A past president and active board member of the Kershaw County Historical Society; under my leadership the Historical Society created the Conservation Easement Committee to preserve significant historical properties from subdivision and further development.

I served as chairman of the Community-Right-to-Know Subcommittee of the original Kershaw County Emergency Planning Committee. The committee presented a symposium on the responsibilities of businesses to report the locations of hazardous materials stored on site, and the right of the community and emergency response personnel to know the locations of these materials.

I was recognized by SC Governor Carroll Campbell for organizing a Public Lands Day community outreach event which celebrated the importance of public lands and open spaces.

I served in leadership roles with the Kershaw County Human Relations Commission, Kershaw County Archives & Museum, Clemson Extension Community Development Committee, The Safe Energy Project, Citizens for Clean Development, Camden Recreation Referendum Coalition, Camden Middle School Improvement Council, Camden Business & Professional Women, Kershaw County Earth Day Committee, and Operation Home front (a fundraiser for the families of SC National Guard members serving in Operation Desert Storm). I was a member of the inaugural class of Leadership Kershaw County.

I have been active for 30 years at Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church, and served as a board member of Killingsworth Home, a transitional home for SC women in crisis located in Columbia. In addition, I serve as the treasurer of the Hobkirk Hill Chapter of the United Daughters of the American Revolution.

I spent my career in public service, retiring after 26 years of Federal service. I spent 10 years in support positions for the U.S. military and their dependents with the U.S. Department of Defense, working at both officer and enlisted personnel offices for the U.S. Marine Corps, in administrative positions with the Division of Patient Affairs at the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville NC, and in the Department of Nursing at Moncrief Army Hospital at Fort Jackson in Columbia. I completed my Civil Service career with 16 years at the Camden Social Security Office, retiring as a GS-11.

I am currently employed by the SC Department of Health and Human Services at the Kershaw County office.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I have dedicated my life to community and public service through both my volunteer activities and my career choices.  I am proud to have served friends and neighbors of Camden and Kershaw County over the past 32 years. I look forward to continuing to serve this community, but in a different role: as a Camden City Council member.

I am an advocate of public dialogue, openness, mutual respect, and real conversations between council members and residents, and between City and County governments. I believe that by sharing information and working together we can restore trust and make the right decisions.