Jondy Loveless

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington/Richland School District 5. (Vying for one of two Lexington seats on the board)


Occupation: Loveless Commercial Contracting, Inc.

Education: A.S. Dental Hygeine

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

I do not have prior political experience. I have volunteered in related positions through our School District for ten years. I presently am a Board member of the District 5 Foundation for Educational Excellence, I am on the SIC (School Improvement Committee) at Chapin High School, and I am a Community Member of the District 5 Parent Cabinet. In the past I have served on both Chorale and ROTC Booster Clubs at Chapin High School and have served on SIC's at both Leaphart Elementary and Lake Murray Elementary. Additionally we have business partnered with Leaphart Elementary to help build the LEAP program as well as business partnered with Chapin Middle School with the initial funding of the Math Matters Program.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I offer a fresh, positive perspective with a new set of ideas. I come to the School Board for the sole purpose of bettering the District for our children. I support our great teachers and I want to ensure that they along with the School Administration have the tools and technology needed to meet the needs of our students and ensure their success.