Kent Collins

Republican candidate for Lexington County Council District 3.



Occupation: Attorney

Education: Juris Doctor

Why should voters choose you in this election?

In society today, people need someone who will fight for them. Fight for what they believe in and want and not what they want personally. On a daily basis, I fight for my clients. Having worked in county government as an assistant solicitor in Orangeburg and as one in Lexington County under Donnie Myers I gained valuable insight on how government is ran. I developed lifelong relationships with law enforcement. I believe that County Council needs to give all they can to run core services in the county (Police, Fire and EMS). I do not believe in spending the taxpayers money in a whimsical manner. I run a small business so I know what it means to make payroll and to pay taxes. I understand that we as a government can only burden the tax payers so much and that at some point some belt tightening needs to be had as so many households in Lexington County have had to do. What we need in government is learn how to do more with less. This way the citizens of Lexington will have more.