Stevie Johnson

Non-partisan candidate for Richland County School Board District 2.



Occupation: Financial Manager, Forest Land Company

Education: Bachelor's degree Finance, Indiana University

Experience in Political or Related Positions (Include the number of years in each position):

* Very regular attendance of Richland 2 Board meetings – missed three since commitment to attend in April 2010

* Member of Community Review Team to help select Principals for District Middle & Senior High Schools for 2012-2013 school year

* Active member of the District Accreditation Team, 2011

*Member of Evergreen Efficiency Study Review Team, 2010-2011

*Chairman of Viking Originals, original artwork by student, faculty, alumni & community to support Spring Valley Education Foundation projects, 2008- present

* Volunteer in Guidance Department to help student select their career path post high school, 2008-2010

*Active in local school for 17 years

*Deep community ties to Columbia Community for 19 years

*Wife of 31 years; Parent of 21 years

*Commitment to Youth through church youth activities for 25 years

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I care deeply that each child, all 26,500+ of them – strive for their potential – their own point of excellence. I am passionate in ACTing to Restore Excellence to the student of Richland 2 by being accountable, communicative and effective in technology use.

For the last several years, performance of students in nearly every front has not shown any improvement mark of individual excellence – in fact we have seen a decline all the while spending millions for projects with no empirical evidence. The opportunity for each and every one of our 26,500-plus students must be forefront in our Board direction. The criteria is simple – Does this contribute to student success?

I will ACT (through Accountability, Communication, effective Technology) to Restore Excellence in Education!