Hazel Duell

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington County School Board District 1.

Email: hen71011@live.com         

Occupation: stay-at-home mom

Education: 1975 graduate of Lexington High School

Experience in Political or Related Positions: Lexington School District 1 Board of Trustees 2006-2010

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I believe we have a wonderful school district and we want to keep it that way. We need to listen to the teachers we have in our district and get their input on everything from technology to new ways of teaching our children without them being afraid of losing their jobs if they say the wrong things. We are a family in our district, teachers, parents and students. Let's treat them as such.

We need to put more money in the classroom. We don't need an elaborate building for our children to learn. We need to give each and every child the same opportunity at every school.

I also believe that as with any job, if a teacher or administrator doesn't do their job, they need to be replaced with someone who can get the job done.  If teachers or administrators are let go, positions do not need to be created for them at the district office nor do they need an open position there.