Tara Almond

Non-partisan candidate for Cayce City Council District 1.

Email: almondcaycecouncil@gmail.com

Facebook: Tara Almond for Cayce City Council

Occupation: accountant for local engineering firm and proprietor for Almond Accounting and Tax

Education: BS degree in business administration with a major in accounting from the University of South Carolina

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

- Cayce Board of Zoning Appeals since February 2009
Currently the Chairman
- Has regularly attended all Council Meetings since 2008
- Was a sponsor of the Conceptual Master Plan Charrette
- Attended the 2012 Council Strategic Planning Session

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I will use my experience as an accountant to prioritize spending and seek alternative funding sources in order to address the City's critical needs and keep Cayce a clean and safe city where neighborhoods and businesses can coexist in harmony.

Prior councils and administrators had no plan for saving for a rainy day to replace aging equipment and infrastructure as they broke down or failed. That rainy day is here for much of our equipment and certainly for our infrastructure. Our current Mayor and staff have begun the process of addressing these needs and I will continue the momentum that has begun. We must move forward in that respect – backward is not an option.

I will ensure that citizens of Cayce are kept informed and involved by holding regular meetings of the citizens in my District to hear their ideas and concerns.

I will look for ways to draw quality businesses to Cayce so our citizens will be able to dine, shop and spend their recreation time in our City and Cayce will become the place that others wish to visit and perhaps establish a home for their families.

Cayce is a wonderful place to live and I will work tirelessly to be sure others are aware of all it has to offer.