Joyce Dickerson

Democratic incumbent for Richland County Council District 2.

Emails: or

Occupation: Retired

Education: Bachelor's degree from Benedict College, Cum laude

Experience in political positions:

  • Elected November 2004 Sworn in January 2005

During my 7-1/2 year's tenure as a member of Richland County Council, I have been engaged in a commitment of service to the citizens of Richland County.

Duties and Responsibilities: I spent the first two years getting to know my district and the people, the culture differences of each community, assessed their needs and looked for ways to address their concerns of those I was elected to serve by touring the district with community leaders listening to their concerns.

I traveled dirt roads, surveyed potholes, potentially hazardous creeks and ditches including dangerous intersections, roads the need to be paved, public safety issues, visited families in need, attended community  meetings, Christmas & Thanksgivings gatherings, dedicated buildings and numerous business grand openings.  I am very pleased to say that when there is a problem and/or issues that affect "the people" I was elected to serve:

  • I follow through until the problem is resolved
  • In most cases, I have the documentation to support my actions.

I continue to be engage and to participate in these events on and ongoing bases; including visiting the sick, attending weddings, churches special services, home goings, make financial contributions to special events, rake streets and clean street drain.  In addition, I have an open-door policy that includes, returning phone calls and answering dozens of emails daily seven days a week. 

Public Safety is one of my number one concerns: Forged lasting partnership with the Sheriff Lott's Community Action Team (CAT), the Fire Department Chief Jenkins, and the Emergency Medical Service to ensure that the citizens are first and foremost safe in their homes, children in their perspective schools, as well as neighborhoods.  I have experienced that people have less stress when they have a sense of security. That is why I have made public safety one of my number one priorities.

Public Education:  I am an advocate for public education, in that I believe that our children deserve and should have the accessibility to obtain a quality education.  I support funding for public education and believe that the teachers and students should have access to the tools and technology to properly educate our children so that they can compete globally and not just locally.

I have a proven record of the leadership:  I have provided improve the quality of life for the citizens in Richland County by  to improve roads, intersections, traffic lights I installation, restoration of a historic Rosenwald School in Bonnie Forest Community.

Commitment to be visible, visible as well as vocal whereby it is my responsibility to keep the community leaders inform and engaged of any changing events that may have an effect in the neighborhood. In most cases:

  • Hold regular meetings and attend numerous community meetings while constantly monitoring communities to assess the needs and report my findings to the Ombudsman and/or the administrative staff.
  • Work with council members on policy issues to improve the quality of life through economic development that help to create and retain jobs.
  • Work to forge a partnership with the city of Columbia to develop and improve our Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service (EMS).
  • Work to get the best service for the citizen's tax dollars while being Fiscal Responsible.
  • I have a sense of duty and responsibility to my constituents.

Related Experience:

During my tenure on Council I have serve and have served in the following capacities, I serve on numerous boards and commission since 2006:

  • Chaired Administration & Finances Committee (2) years served
  • Development & Services (4) Years Served
  • Transportation Steering Committee Served on Central Midlands Council of Governments (COG)
  • Central Council of Government Transportation Subcommittee
  • Treasure of the South Carolina Association of Counties Coalition of Counties
  • Past Chair Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (2) years Appointed
  • Central Midland Regional  Transit Authority (4)  years
  • President of the National Association of Counties Women of NACO  Leadership Network
  • Chair the National Association of Counties Telecommunications &Technology Steering Committee -appointed by the President (2nd term) & Essential Technology
  • Incoming Chair of the National Foundation of Women Legislators (past state/regional) Director.
  • Served on Richland Parks and Recreation Ad hoc committed (3) years
  • Currently serving as Chair of the Federal Communications Commission Intergovernmental   Advisory Committee appointed by FCC Chairman Julian Genachowski for a (2) year term.

Why should voters choose me in this election?

Proven leadership: experienced commitment to service devoted to service.

  • Fiscal responsible relative to the taxpayers' dollars
  • Trustworthy when dealing with the issues
  • Trailblazer who is not afraid to take on the tough issues.
  • Trendsetter who are engaged primarily in exploring new and improved innovation with the potential to move Richland County forward.
  • Dependable and accountable.  I take serious issues when there is accusation that I am not responsible and/or nonresponsive.  I am pleased with my service to my constituents.  If there is an unresolved problem/issue that my constituents are dealing with it is because they have brought it to my attention.  I challenge those individuals to contact the Richland County Ombudsman's and ask her to provide them with a list of the issue that I forward to her office on a regular basis.
  • Enthusiasm is a trail that relish as a trademark. I serve with joy and pleasure.
  • Energetic is virtue.  The people gravitate around those who demonstrate that they are energetic.
  • Availability.  The voters can be assured that I have a reputation of availability.
  • Transparency is also one of my virtues.  I have and always will be transparent.
  • One of my most outstanding virtues is building relationships to forge partnerships, friendships, fellowship, ownership and memberships.
  • Lastly, honesty is the overall virtue of which I place at the very top of my list of commitments.

These are my expressed reasons why I believe that voters should choose me in this next election because they will always have a "Voice with Joyce!"