Antjuan Seawright

Non-partisan candidate for Richland County School District One.



Occupation: President/CEO of Sunrise Communications

Education:  Winthrop University 2008- Business Administration & Marketing; Webster University 2010- Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

I have led extensive grassroots and strategic efforts for political clients at Sunrise Communications since 2008. My past campaign efforts include Hillary Clinton for President, John Spratt for Congress, Vincent Sheheen for Governor, Darrell Jackson for South Carolina Senate, Gregg Anderson for South Carolina Senate, Leah Moody for South Carolina Senate, John R. King for South Carolina House of Representatives, Todd Rutherford for the South Carolina House of Representatives, Dan Johnson for Solicitor, Kelvin Washington for Richland County Council, Puff Howard for Columbia City Council, and Cameron Runyan for Columbia City Council and Calvin "Chip" Jackson for Richland District Two School Board.

Prior to joining Sunrise I worked for Congressman John Spratt's re-election campaign while still in college at Winthrop University (2006). That initial campaign work led me to pursue additional political campaign opportunities, including Hillary Clinton for President, Leah Moody for Senate and John King for the House. It also resulted in my full-time employment at Sunrise (2008).  Since that time, I have not only worked with campaign efforts, I now represent the South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus as its Deputy Director (2011).

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I believe my perspective as a small businessman gives me a clear understanding of how education, job creation, economic development and business are all essential to the long-term success of our community. Our students must be able to effectively compete in an ever-changing global society. I am 27 years old, therefore I am not too far removed from the classroom. I have the unique advantage of readily understanding the challenges our students face every day. I also know the significance of fiscal responsibility and what it takes to keep a local business thriving. This preview, combined with my community involvement, has compelled me to make a difference in our public school system. I believe I can offer 'fresh leadership for better schools.' My goal is to ensure that every child receives the educational opportunity to reach their God-given potential.