Cassie Fowler

Non-partisan incumbent for Whitmire Town Council.


Occupation: Host, Creator & Producer  – "Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox"  Internet Radio Show  Producer - Co-Host Of The Southern Soul Zone On Line : Voice-Overs/ Music/Audio/Visual Promotions

Weekly Whitmire Columnist with The Newberry Observer & The Union Daily  Times

Freelance Artist Promotions 

Education: Whitmire High School 1977 – USC-Union Campus 1977-79; Newberry College- B.A.- 1983  Physical Education; Art Institute Of Atlanta –A.A. – 1990 – Music Entertainment Management  

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Whitmire Town Council Member  since 2008 election.

Volunteer with The Whitmire Jaycees – 2009 –  Partnership Member of the Jus' Blues Music Foundation  For the Preservation Of America's True Art Form  Music,and  Music Education. Public Speaking, Presentations visual and audio.     

Why should voters choose you in this election?  

I can add to our town's growth by networking, education and  presentation. For example: calling on those individuals and officials in county and state government offices and agencies  for their knowledge ,opinions and advice. I want to see more individuals with expertise and background in socio-economics, economic  growth, infrastructure, especially in the field of  Parks, Recreation and Tourism. With Whitmire being in the middle of Sumter National Forest, I feel the town would  benefit from the use our natural resources. Call upon the right  individual, agency and  municipal training coordinators to attend our meetings  to assess our towns needs, educate the council as well as citizens. With the  education, training and assessments, we as a council can then make the best decisions on how to spend taxpayers' dollars and grant monies.

I feel Whitmire will also benefit from elected official and  town employee continuing education and training seminars and webinars, through  the  South Carolina Municipal Association. This is where the networking and knowledge comes in… Meeting other Qualified individuals, officials and agencies and working together to further our knowledge, potential and growth.