Amanda Ballenger Tarbell

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington County School District 3.


Occupation: Retired Educator/Researcher Consultant

Education: A.A. North Greenville (Journalism/Sociology); B.A. Presbyterian College (Fine Arts/Education); M.Ed.Converse (Humanities/Secondary Ed/G&T); Specialist: University of Connecticut (Gifted Education/Training Teacher Trainers/Learning Styles); A.B.D. University of Houston (Curriculum & Instruction/Administration-Supervision); Certificate, University of South Carolina (Principal/ Supervisor); half A.A. each in Marketing/Management and Gerontology; and aAdditional graduate courses at Furman, USC, Lander.

Some of the experiences in political or related positions include:

  1. Institution for Educational Leadership Fellow in the Office of Education for the Gifted and Talented and with the Justice Department, Department of Education, Washington, D.C.
  2. Greenville Technical College and University of Houston SACTS review Committee
  3. Organizing Committee to the Third Asia-Pacific Conference on Gifted, Seoul, S Korea
  4. Institute for Educational Leadership of the Human Science Research Council, Chief Senior Researcher, Southern Africa (4 years, the last time over)
  5. Advisor to the Department of Defense Dependent Schools and State Department's schools and Congress for educational matters
  6. Facilitator to DoDDS overseas teachers at NASA
  7. Trouble shooter and Press attaché at the World Council for the Gifted, Montreal, Houston, other areas
  8. Co-planner and facilitator for the largest multi-racial educational conference held prior to the end of apartheid in South Africa
  9. Coordinator for the University of Houston College of Education with consulates, organizations and visiting diplomats
  10. Assistant in creation of the College of Education, University of Houston's Center for International Education, College of Education Foundation Fund Board, and the College of Education Alumni Association
  11. Member of development and implementation team for various community projects in Greenville, SC
  12. Teacher in multicultural settings, formal and informal, elementary- doctoral programs
  13. Facilitator for development of national programs for gifted and talented with reports and recommendations to national governing bodies
  14. Developer of three graduate programs for Gifted and Talented Education at the University of Houston
  15. ESL and Marketing/Management/ Social Protocol teacher for Samsung management in South Korea and co-developer of ESL program for children of management
  16. Training of Principals and Principals for Minnesota Educational Leaders for education of the gifted
  17. Chair for presentations at Multicultural Education Program in Rome, Italy
  18. Presenter in East and West Berlin Conference on Gifted Education and at the University of Berlin
  19. Assistant to British Press Tour of South Africa and for the American International Service Black College Educators of South Africa

Why should voters choose you in this election?

Oldest daughter of Dr. Louise Ballenger, I am a Batesburg-Leesville native with extensive experience in teaching, creating and administering programs nationally and internationally.  I have taught formal and informal classes from preschool through graduate classes, from Houston's notorious Fifth Ward, a remote reservation school for Indian children in Idaho, S Korean children and adults in Changwon, college students and administrators in three countries, children and teachers in Transkei, Ciskei, Bophutuswana, Lesotho and South Africa, as well as subbing and teaching in our own district.  Research / Development / Implementation / Evaluation are part of the demands of former work that will make me a more effective member of the School Board.

I love my community and want to use my current retirement from active teaching to share from my training and experience.  Seeing young (and older) persons grow in knowledge, achievement and personal responsibility are real occasions for joy.  They are worth the investment of ourselves.  I want to invest my self and experience while becoming more aware of all facets of our community. Serving on our School Board is one way to do this.

I have no particular ax to grind in why, where or how I serve on the Board.  The Board is a living body, in one sense, with each person having unique contributions that create a whole.  My job will be to bring all I am to the community via the Board and to become part of the whole. We must work together with no one part dominating. My varied interests and wide range of experience can make me a flexible asset to the district.

My daughter is grown, married, and working as a scriptwriter with her husband in Los Angeles.  Thus, my concern will now be for the children (and adults) of this district. I will be able to dedicate myself to those served by our district's School Board. I believe in my community and its potential.  I will bring my training, experience, and the love I hold for our community and its children as I serve you on District Three's School Board. I hope you will allow me to give back to our community by electing me to the School Board.